International Center                                       
     for Chinese Philosophy                                   中國哲學外文資料中心概述

The International Center for Chinese Philosophy at Soochow University aims at both fostering philosophical discourse on Chinese thought and disseminating Western Sinology in the Sinophone world.

The Center is not located in Mainland China, as one might expect, but in Taipei, the capital of the Republic of China 中華民國, better known as Taiwan (actually, the Center is merely a stone's throw away from the world-famous National Palace Museum). In Taiwan, engaging with ancient Chinese thought naturally leads to asking broader questions about the global fate of Chinese culture and Chinese approaches to human life, the cosmos, and the world. Or to put it more frankly: Taipei is situated between China and the world. In fact, there is an urgent need to reflect on the ongoing internationalization of Chinese philosophy and the possible dialogue thereof with Western modes of thought.

The Center is also home to the “Research Collection on Chinese Philosophy in Foreign Languages”, a specialist collection of Western-language materials with a focus on Chinese philosophy and Chinese intellectual history. In 2001, the Taiwanese Ministry of Education offered generous funding to purchase a wealth of books. Among the works were recently published and antiquarian in five languages: English, Japanese, French, German, and Italian. Ten years on, the collection has grown to approx. 5,000 volumes and may now be one of the finest research collections for scholars in these fields in Asia (compare Our Collection).

The Center is headed by two directors, Prof. Shen Hsiang-min, and Prof. Kai Marchal, with Prof. Lin Cheng-hung as main planner, and Prof. Mi Chien-kuo as convener.




本中心的主任為沈享民老師馬愷之(Kai Marchal)老師,總策劃人為林正弘老師,召集人為米建國老師